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MCE BSB leader Ellison is up for the battle at Snetterton

Thursday, June 18 2015

James Ellison arrives at Snetterton this weekend (19-21 June) with an eight point lead in the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship standings, but the JG Speedfit Kawasaki rider believes he won't be the main target for the opposition ahead of the two races on Sunday.

Ellison has won three of the six races so far with the JG Speedfit Kawasaki team and is feeling confident ahead of the weekend as they continue to make steps forward with the Kawasaki following a positive two days on track during the recent official test.

Ellison said: "I am really happy with how the season has gone so far and I have a lot of trust in the bike, which does take a while to build up so when you have that trust and belief in the team in the back of your mind you can just concentrate on riding the bike as fast as you can and get on with it, without thinking of settings or anything. All you have to think about is how you can get around the track faster. A happy rider is a fast rider and I think that can be seen already this year.

"The biggest difference for us from last year is the engine from Frank Wrathall, which has given me near enough another ten bhp which is a massive difference at this level which has enabled me to pass people in the slipstream which I couldn't really do last year. At the start of the season we also found some improvements in Spain with the rear shock which made a huge difference and a few other bits that we have found that have helped.

"The teams that didn't come here for the test I think will regret it before this weekend. We saw the top three or four of us were under the lap record at the test and nothing is different, it is just finding the balance and the package that works. When we first arrived at the test we were struggling to do 1m:49s for instance and then we were in the 47s, which if that would have been on the practice day we would have been behind. You can't be one step behind if you are trying to catch the front guys in that situation so it was a massively important test for us."

Ellison's narrow margin in the standings gives him the initial edge ahead of the weekend in the podium points table, but he admits he doesn't expect to be the main target for the opposition this weekend.

"As championship leader I don't think it makes me a target as it is still too early in the season for that. I think everyone will have the same approach. Shakey for instance will know that probably Josh [Brookes] is strongest candidate here as he holds the record, has won here before and is considerably faster at the test. There is no bigger target on my back than there is normally. Everybody I expected to be at the front have been as it takes a while to get the package to be there and doing everything right.

"We went quicker than I have ever been at Snetterton at the official test, but we are still looking for that bit more. We know there is work to do, we are in a strong position but we need to be in a stronger position. We have some more to try this weekend and if we can be consistent we will be in a good place for the two races on Sunday."

Tickets for the MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship at Snetterton on 19-21 June are available on the gate for £10 on Friday, £14 on Saturday and £32 on Sunday, with free entry for under-13s.  For more information call 0843 453 9000 or click  here.