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Laverty's lap of the Snetterton 300 circuit

Tuesday, October 26 2010

MCE Insurance British Superbike Championship rider Relentless Suzuki's Michael Laverty has become the latest motorsport personality to hail the new Snetterton 300 circuit.

Laverty, who finished fourth in this year's championship after securing two victories and seven podiums, praised the new configuration's overtaking opportunities and excellent spectator viewing as he talked through a lap of the 300 circuit.

Turn 1
Turn 1 at Snetterton has always been a fast and challenging corner. It was recently resurfaced which made it a pleasure, it's 3rd gear 100mph plus, with the rear wheel spinning on a Superbike.

Turn 2
The old Turn 2 always invited a passing opportunity, it looks like the new one guarantees it. This will probably be a first gear corner which goes 180 degrees, so a major lean angle will be required to make that arc.

Turn 3
The addition of a fast left hander is much needed for the 2 wheeled machines; this in itself adds a new spice to the circuit. Possibly a 3rd gear corner with a decreasing radius which will add an extra challenge to get the optimum drive.

Turn 4
The second of three back-to-back left hand corners, this will add another passing spot to the circuit. Looks like a 2nd gear corner and should provide a excellent spectating spot.

Turn 5
The fastest of the new left hand bends looks like it will be a turn for those who are committed to make up some time. Possibly 3rd or 4th gear with corner speed being the main focus.

Turn 6/7
Another new passing spot as you can drive to the outside coming out of turn 5 and get hard on the brakes to steal the line away from your rival entering turn 6. Turn 6 will be a 2nd gear corner before short shifting to 3rd gear on the short drive towards turn 7.

Turn 8
This could be the most fun but also the most crucial turn on the circuit. A good drive off here will be necessary for the long back straight. Third gear corner, similar to the final turn at Montmelo Catalunya - Rossi made a pass stick into there so don't rule out passing here.

Turn 9/10
Remains unchanged and will still provide a major challenge to scrub your speed from almost 200mph on the entry to possibly 40/50 mph for turn 10 whilst back shifting from 6th to 2nd gear and trail braking all the way in. With the addition of three new left hand bends on the lap prior to turn 9 it will give all motorcyclists more confidence that the left side of the tyre has retained heat and will provide maximum grip on the entry to turn 9.

Turn 11
As before a tough corner with the track dropping away on entry and staying off camber on the drive out, 3rd gear 90mph.

Turn 12
This now goes almost 180 degrees - it will still be 3rd gear but will require staying on the side of the tyre much longer. Another slightly decreasing radius turn which will lend itself to providing passing opportunities into the final turn.

Turn 13
Will add a new challenge; probably still 1st or maybe 2nd gear with exit speed crucial for drive down the front straight. I believe it will be an improvement safety-wise as the old final turn could catch you out very easily. Hopefully the cold left side of the tyre induced highsides will be a thing of the past on the exit of the final turn at Snetterton.