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Open Pit Lane Test Days now open to MSA licence holders

Monday, May 10 2010

Drivers with an MSA Race licence and an MSA approved car can now take advantage of Open Pit Lane Test days at Snetterton.

The events are priced the same as an Open Pit Lane Trackday (£179), but with the added benefit of having just racing cars on circuit.

Timing is also permitted so that drivers can document their lap times and find areas for improvement.

As with all testing events, there is no safety briefing to attend so drivers will be able to hit the track with little delay.

Test days start at 8am with an hour for signing on and noise testing before the track goes live at 9am for four hours' track time.

An hour's lunch break starts at 1pm before action resumes at 2pm for a further three hours of track time.

The session gives you the opportunity to go on and off the circuit as you please throughout the day, and with no allocated sessions you will have plenty of time to take to the circuit and come in for breaks in between to fine tune your set up.